• Today: Sunday 14 Apr 2024

Uganda Athletics Federation to start using automated timing systems.

06 February, 2024

Uganda Athletics Federation (UAF) will for the first time use the Full Automated Timing (FAT) system during the 30th edition of the National Cross Country Championships.

Fully automatic time is a form of race timing in which the clock is automatically activated by the starting device, and the finish time is either automatically recorded, as well as timed by analysis of a photo finish. The system is commonly used in track and field as well as athletic performance testing among other sporting events.

Abdallah Muhammed, the UAF Publicity Secretary said that the system aims to improve on the comprehensive and accurate times recorded at the annual event which shall be forwarded to World Athletics.

He explains that, as part of keeping Tororo Golf Course a permanent cross-country arena, it is a requirement that, everything is set to standards in respect to the world athletics regulations. According to Mohammed, the system also requires athletes to submit their database, to be captured in the UAF system to allow them to take part in upcoming competitions. This year’s National Cross Country will be held on Saturday at Tororo Golf Course.