• Today: Sunday 14 Apr 2024

State minister for sports defends the Netball Normalization committee.

05 February, 2024

Peter Ogwang, the State Minister for Sports, has come to the defense of the Netball Normalization Committee amidst allegations of failing to provide daily allowances to She Cranes players during the International Netball Series in Wales and England.

Ogwang refuted media reports claiming that the Netball Normalization Committee did not pay the She Cranes a daily allowance of £45 during the recently concluded International Netball Series. 

In a comprehensive statement, Ogwang clarified that the Government of Uganda contributed a USD 1000 allowance to each player, covered the team's travel costs, and funded the pre-Series Camp training.

Regarding the £45 allowance, Ogwang explained that it was meant to be a contribution from the hosting federations, payable to the She Cranes as per the commitment agreement signed by the three nations' Federations. This arrangement was made following a history of the Uganda Netball Federation failing to pay player allowances during previous UK Tours.

Ogwang's response aligns with Angela Sanderson, World Netball's head of finance and governance, who also emphasized the direct payment of per diem to team hotels to ensure proper provision of three meals per day for the players.