• Today: Sunday 14 Apr 2024

South Korea passes bill to ban consumption of dog meat

09 January, 2024

The slaughter and sale of dogs for their meat is to become illegal in South Korea after MPs backed a new law.

The legislation, set to come into force by 2027, aims to end the centuries-old practice of humans eating dog meat.

Dog meat stew is considered a delicacy among some older South Koreans, but the meat has fallen out of favour with diners and is no longer popular with young people. Under the new law the consumption of dog meat itself will not be illegal.

The new law focuses on the dog meat trade - those convicted of butchering dogs face up to three years in prison, while people found guilty of raising dogs for meat or selling dog meat could serve a maximum of two years.

Farmers and restaurant owners have three years to find alternative sources of employment and income before the legislation comes into force. Animal rights groups, which have long been pushing for the ban, praised the outcome of Tuesday's vote.