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Mbale City Residents Using Hoes to Rehabilitate Roads

29 November, 2023

Residents of Zabanyanya ward in Industrial City Division in Mbale City used hand held hoes to rehabilitate the four kilometer green pasture-Zabanyanya road.

The road connects Mbale City centre to Zabanyanya, Musoto and neighboring Bungokho Sub County in Mbale District.

Michael Wakutusi, a resident of Bugema B says they resorted to using hoes to work on the road after the Mbale City authorities ignored repeated reminders about the poor state of the road.

Jackson Mulongo the LCI chairperson for Bugema cell accuses the City leadership of promising to work on the road in vain. Mulongo says the promises to work on the road have been made for the last three years.

At Kampala road in Northern City Division, the residents struggle to access their homes because of the poor state of the road especially during the rainy season. Other roads in a poor state are in Nkoma, Busamaga and Namakwekwe.

But James Kutosi the Mbale City Public Relations Officer has asked residents to remain calm saying that they are yet to receive funds for road works from central government.