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President Museveni : ICT can not be impactful if not well applied

17 October, 2023

President Museveni has warned that whereas ICT is good for the development of the country, if not applied well, it can become another problem for the country.

Speaking during the opening of the second annual ICT job fair organized by the Ministry of ICT, Next Media and Huawei at Kololo independence grounds, Museveni said ICT makes things run faster. 

He said that ICT has supported the transformation of society in Uganda which has made life easier. Museveni however noted that if not used properly and for the right cause, ICT can become a big problem for Uganda and Africa at large. 

He emphasized that those using telecommunication services should be doing so to promote exports of the country but not promotion of other country’s imports.

The Minister for ICT and National Guidance, Dr. Chris Baryomunsi said Uganda’s demographic dividend lies in its youthful population, with over 70% of the citizens falling within the youth category but noted that there is a big challenge of unemployment. He was however quick to note that ICT can easily help solve this problem of unemployment among the youths.