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Customers in Tazania urged to embrace cashless payment systems.

05 October, 2023

Banks in Tanzania are encouraging their customers to switch to electronic payments and online banking to minimise the possible disruption of financial services during the coming rains, which are expected to be heavier than usual because of El Niño.

This a natural climate phenomenon that occurs about every two to seven years - and affects weather patterns globally.

According to the Tanzania Meteorological Authority, El Niño could disrupt the coming short rainy season that lasts from October to December. Typically El Niño leads to flooding in northern areas, while some areas of the south get less rain than normal.

The central bank said this could have repercussions for essential sectors of the economy. It also urged financial institutions to increase transaction limits for customers and take out insurance to cover loans given to clients.

Meanwhile, the country’s disaster unit has advised those living in lowland areas to relocate in case of flooding.