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Road Block Mounted To Collect Condolence Fees in Busia

15 August, 2023

Boda boda riders in Busia town mounted roadblocks to collect condolence fees for their colleague who was involved in a fatal accident in Tororo district on Monday.

Using ropes, the commercial cyclists blocked roads and collected money from road users. Wilson Okiru, a boda boda rider, said the culture of mounting blockades was to ensure motorcycle riders and other road users pay some money as condolence fees for their departed colleagues.

Rajab Ekeya, another rider, said they were collecting money ranging from Shs500 to Shs10,000 from the road users and their colleagues at the various motorcycle stages.

Saleh Wandera, another resident, says whereas soliciting for condolence fees was a good idea, mounting roadblocks along the road was bad, especially for a deceased who was unknown to the motorists. 

Grace Kanuna, the Deputy Busia Resident District Commissioner (RDC), described the condolence-collection drive as “illegal” and “next to extortion”.