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Concerns Raised Over Meat Quality in Mbale City

28 July, 2023

Authorities in Mbale City are concerned with the quality of meat being consumed.

Dr. Aaron Mulyanyuma the senior assistant town clerk for Northern City Division in Mbale City says that most meat at the butcheries is displayed in the open putting the lives of the consumers at risk.

According to Dr. Mulyanyuma, the meat is exposed to dust and flies which makes it unsafe for consumption. He wants Ugandan butchers to embrace good meat handling practices like in neighboring Kenya. He says meat at butcheries in Kenya is placed in transparent glass cubicles making it safe for consumers.

Michael Jackson Kisolo a resident of Nakaloke town council in Mbale City has also cast doubt on the quality of animals being slaughtered at the City abattoir. According to Kisolo there is need to improve inspection at the abattoir since any meat bearing a stamp ends up in the butcheries. Kisolo also wants the Mbale City authorities to come up with a food safety policy to curb cases of illegal meat that gets to butcheries from rural areas without approval by the health department.

According to Uganda’s meat inspect code, all meat shall be inspected by authorized personnel and passed as fit for human consumption. No butcher will have on his premises any carcass which has not been inspected and passed as fit for human consumption by an authorized meat inspector.

The public health meat rules also state that a person engaged in the handling or transport of meat shall not permit any part of the meat to come into contact with the ground and shall take all precautions which in the opinion of the authority are considered to be reasonably necessary to prevent the exposure of meat to contamination.